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Microsoft has swiftly moved to fix an embarrassing gaffe which saw a developer label a chunk of code "big boobs"
www.bbc.com | posted by JBoyJunior | 1952 days, 20 hours and 50 minutes ago
I told Steve about how he should feel great about what he had done and the company he had built. I wrote about his kids, whom I had got to know…There was no peace to make. We were not at war. We...
thegizmocast.com | posted by Archie | 2125 days, 1 hour and 48 minutes ago
At the moment, Microsoft is organising a special conference (with the code name 'BUILD') for software developers. This convention is expected to reveal more information regarding the upcoming...
technological-control.blogspot.com | posted by Panos | 2262 days, 22 hours and 45 minutes ago
As far as internal corporate-sponsored parody videos, I would actually have expected a lot worse out of Microsoft than this three-minute takedown of Gmail. Nerd fight!
gizmodo.com | posted by tinoK | 2310 days and 57 minutes ago
Microsoft's updated Windows 7 Phone with the code name 'Mango' have been announced last May. Since then, beta users were able to test the operating system and express their opinion. This is what...
technological-control.blogspot.com | posted by Panos | 2327 days, 20 hours and 26 minutes ago
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