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Kecelakaan Truk Di Tol Cakung Jakarta - Waktu senin pagi sekitar pukul 06.36 WIB terjadi kecelakaan. Peristiwa tersebut mengikutsertakan sebuah truk | posted by candra | 97 days, 14 hours and 49 minutes ago
kecelakaan mobil beruntun jalur tol cikampek - Peristiwa tersebut berlangsung tepatnya di ruas km39. tabrakan menyeret empat kendaraan pada pukul 06.30 | posted by candra | 99 days, 14 hours and 42 minutes ago
When you can't find anything more interesting on internet, than Facebook statuses of your friends go to for daily dose of awesome and fresh articles. Art, Entertainment,... | posted by Goodmood | 774 days, 23 hours and 6 minutes ago
we visited makunudu in Feb 2012 this was our fifth visit to the maldives. We flew with Thomson Airways from Manchester.We had a fast speedboat ride to the island. On arrival at the island we were... | posted by maldives | 1220 days, 4 hours and 34 minutes ago
Absolutely perfect!! This was our third time to the Maldives and we went to this island while I was pregnant with my second child and to celebrate a special birth day February 2008. The island is... | posted by maldives | 1220 days, 4 hours and 35 minutes ago
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