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I told Steve about how he should feel great about what he had done and the company he had built. I wrote about his kids, whom I had got to know…There was no peace to make. We were not at war. We...
thegizmocast.com | posted by Archie | 2059 days, 17 hours and 25 minutes ago
"1955 seemed like any other year to most people, but unbeknown to the world '55 was to prove the arrival of the geeks. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Tim Berners-Lee and Eric Schmidt were all born in...
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Connecting dots: famous quotes by Steve Jobs
mediumitalic.blogspot.com | posted by design | 2215 days, 21 hours and 13 minutes ago
Apple's founder and CEO Steve Jobs has announced his inability to support the position of the chief Officer and as a result quitted from the leadership of Apple.
technological-control.blogspot.com | posted by Panos | 2217 days, 16 hours and 33 minutes ago
He's a fan of simplicity, hence the title I guess...
blog.zap2it.com | posted by JezzerP | 2264 days, 23 hours and 2 minutes ago
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