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Exquisite Swiss Blue Topaz Loose Gemstone for Pendant or Ring $34.95 at davesGemJewelry store on Bonanza. Spend $50 and get a 25% discount on your order | posted by publicityjulia | 1868 days, 21 hours and 34 minutes ago
Elegant and youthful, the Melinda Maria teeny pod blue topaz ring adds some fashion finesse to any look. Blue topaz cubic zirconia, cut to sparkle, is nestled in 18K gold plating for a cool,... | posted by fashionshop | 2128 days, 13 hours and 3 minutes ago
Topaz Teardrop Earrings The lightweight topaz teardrop earrings have a sophisticated striped pattern that’s handcrafted of metallic beads. A row of light colorado topaz beads accents the... | posted by fashionshop | 2129 days, 10 hours and 38 minutes ago
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