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"We're treading water, going sideways, you can call it whatever you want; this report says we are not gathering momentum," said Wells Fargo economist John Silvia.
www.huffingtonpost.com | posted by tinoK | 2120 days, 21 hours and 11 minutes ago
It's as scary as A, B, C. Watch Robert Reich Explains the Credit Downgrade...
www.collegehumor.com | posted by PeterGardener | 2134 days, 4 hours and 58 minutes ago
Now that the USA no longer has a stellar AAA status, all remaining countries with AAA ratings have socialized medicine. While reading this list, remember that our Health Care reform law was...
freakoutnation.com | posted by tinoK | 2146 days, 7 hours and 26 minutes ago
Talks in Washington continue over U.S. debt and the debt ceiling. But who really owns U.S. debt, and what does that mean for the economy?
www.globalpost.com | posted by tinoK | 2159 days, 18 hours and 38 minutes ago
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